Portadot PF 130-30

Our portable dot marking machines are fully programmable and designed to identify large or heavy components. Smaller parts can be marked using our optional stand (column and base).

The portable stylus pin marking range includes robust and powerful machines perfectly suited to heavy duty environment

Portable, hand-held dot marker with large marking area, for marking alphanumeric characters, logos and 2D data matrix codes. Ideal for marking raw material, large components, automotive VIN marking and other industrial applications.

Permanently marks all engineering materials up to a hardness of 62 HRc.

PC Software Version

  • Drag and drop layout design – WYSIWYG.
  • Supports all Windows TrueType fonts including special characters and Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian languages etc.
  • Query and write to Excel, Access, SQL Server, MySQL etc.

3000 Controller Version

  • Separate 3000 Controller protects electronics from vibration of mechanical marking. PC not required
  • Large graphical display
  • Full membrane keyboard
  • Screen linked function keys
  • Marking Features: Fixed texts, variables, serial numbers, arc and angular, time/date, Data Matrix, logos, backward & forward marking.
  • Two stationary motors for higher acceleration, speed and accuracy and no motor cable fatigue failures
  • Superior torque motors provide extreme acceleration and speed
  • Flat X/Y Movement with no pivoting axis provides consistent marking depth throughout the marking area
  • Re-circulating ball linear guideways to provide the highest marking accuracy
  • Large marking area: 130-30mm
  • Head cable industrial steel connector: easily disconnect marking head when needed. Robotic head/controller cable
  • Robust aluminium casing: rugged design
  • Inbuilt illumination system automatically actuated with motion snesor
  • High rigidity of front mask: plain and thick structure. Machined V shaped on both axis to fit on tubes. Sliding mechanism with positioning scale

Electrical supply: 100-230V/200 VA

  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Air Supply (FP & HA only): 6 bars (87 psi) non lubricated dry

Head cable: default 3m (9.8 ft) Robotic cable

  • Electromagnetic (P130-30E): Programmable, deep and consistent marking – no air supply required.
  • Fast Pneumatic (P130-30FP): Faster or continuous line style marking thanks to high frequency stylus.
  • High Amplitude Pneumatic (P130-30PHA): Accomodate uneven surfaces (up to 12 mm).
  • Electromagnetic Clamping: Prevents poor marks due to accidental movement. Assists operator by holding machine in positioN
  • Column and Base: Converts a portable machine to a bench-top model. Power Digital column and Autosense system available. Circumfrential axis and other bench-top machine option available
  • Optional Cart: Provides easier mobility, storage and machine protection
  • Circumfrential Axis
  • Protective Boot
  • Various Styli
  • Base and Column
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Data Matrix Readers
  • I/O Extension
  • TCP/IP Module
  • 6m & 10m Head Cable
  • Electromagnetic Clamp
  • Start/Stop Bpx
  • Foot Pedal
  • Oil & Gas
  • Vehicle Identification Number (automotive, trucks, motorcycle)
  • Marine
  • Military
  • Energy Production